Another huge passion of mine is doing outdoor sports and shooting. While decor is an incredibly relaxing and fun thing to do, you need an outdoor thrill from time to time. I take part in a lot of different outdoor activities and I want to bring some of it to this page. One of my favourites is bow and crossbow shooting. I feel I get a mini adrenaline rush every time I fire an arrow or bolt and hit the target. It’s such a rewarding feeling and the more you do it the better you get. As you start to get better at shooting, the rewarding feeling intensifies and it becomes super addictive.

I also occasionally do some kayaking when I have a weekend free. I have always preferred kayaking to canoeing because you have the whole boat to yourself and have full control. I usually go to the sea when it’s nice weather to do kayaking but you can of course do it in fresh water lakes or rivers. For those who are interested in outdoor sports and activities, this page is for you. My plan is to provide you with some cool tips and tricks on different sports and activities which you can practice right away. I will also be showing off some photos and perhaps videos of my travels and adventures which you may find interesting!

I’m not sure when I will have time to get this page up and running but it will hopefully be soon. I find blogging on outdoors a really fun thing to do because there are so many different things you can talk about. You can talk about your personal travels with photos or do an educational post teaching people things and much more. Another thing I really like to do is go camping, it’s such an exciting and fun way to spend a weekend. Perhaps I will bring you some camping tips and tricks!