This page is for all the decor lovers out there! It is currently a WIP but when it is done, you will see a tonne of cool decor items which you can use for inspiration! Decorating your home is such a rewarding and soothing thing to do. It really helps you to relax and be in the moment in a world that can sometimes be very hectic. The problem is, a lot of people don’t know the best ways to decorate or are a bit confused about which items to buy. This page will be dedicated to helping you out on your decor journey in turning your house into a more joyful place.

There are many different things you can buy for home decor but there are a few that have a huge impact for very little cost. Tapestries are one of the best because you can get a massive piece of artwork for such a low cost. They really do look great, especially if you compliment them with some other items such as plants and gems/crystals.

The other end of the spectrum is to go extreme and paint the whole room. This is a really good way to totally refresh the room if you feel like it really needs a revamp. If you have the money then changing the flooring is the ultimate way to shake things up. I put a wooden floor down instead of a carpet in our living room and it had a ridiculously powerful effect. It felt much cleaner, smoother and just overall much better. I understand not everyone wants to do this so this page will have lots of cool little tips that anyone can do. There really is limitless options when it comes to designing a room so just have fun with it and go wild!