Check This Awesome Wave Tapestry

This is an awesome tapestry I found on Amazon last night. It reminds me of a beautiful luscious Australian coast. I can’t upload images for some strange reason so I can only really post a link but check it out.

This would be super awesome in a large bathroom next to the bath or something. If you’re going for a surf themed room it would also be really cool to hang up alongside your other stuff. Something about the ocean is just beautiful. It can be very intimidating because it’s so powerful and vast but its a truly gorgeous part of nature. If I was to use this tapestry I would hang it up alongside a surf board on the wall for a totally radical effect.

It costs $29.99 which is a tiny bit steep compared to some of the other tapestries online but it’s a custom print. It’s quite expensive to bring large HD photos onto a canvas so you can understand why it’s a bit pricey!

I’ll need to figure out why I can’t upload photos because they are a big part of blogging and make all the difference! I’m sure I’ll get it sorted soon so stay tuned!