How To Purchase A CMP Garand
Few things equal the feeling of seeing a FedEx truck pull up to your house
when you know you're waiting for a CMP Garand.  The driver gets out, with a
long brown box under his arm....

Open it, it's always a suprise.  CMP rifles are generally bargains, although the
Greek return 1903s can be a real gamble.  The Garands come in every grade
from no-wood project rifles to beautiful, original Collector Grades.  Unless you
go to the stores located at Anniston, AL or Camp Perry, OH, it's all luck of the

There are a few basic requirements to purchase a CMP rifle:

You've got to be of legal age, and a US Citizen.  Proof of age such as a
passport can often fulfill both requirements, or you can send a copy of your
driver's license and your birth certificate.

Membership in an approved organization that promotes marksmanship.  
Ironically, NRA membership will NOT fulfill this requirement, but many local
shooting clubs and the Garand Collector's Association will be enough.  The
CMP maintains a list of these organizations on their website,

Proof of Marksmanship activity.  This can be satisfied by shooting 50 rounds
in some sort of competitive event and sending in the results bulletin.  You
darn sure don't have to hit anything.  Many clubs offer annual Garand matches
with loaner rifles that are great for familiarization with the rifle.

Fill out the forms, send a check or credit card order, and wait!
Here's the links:
CMP's eligibility requirement's page          
Garand Collector's Association