Check This Awesome Wave Tapestry

This is an awesome tapestry I found on Amazon last night. It reminds me of a beautiful luscious Australian coast. I can’t upload images for some strange reason so I can only really post a link but check it out.

This would be super awesome in a large bathroom next to the bath or something. If you’re going for a surf themed room it would also be really cool to hang up alongside your other stuff. Something about the ocean is just beautiful. It can be very intimidating because it’s so powerful and vast but its a truly gorgeous part of nature. If I was to use this tapestry I would hang it up alongside a surf board on the wall for a totally radical effect.

It costs $29.99 which is a tiny bit steep compared to some of the other tapestries online but it’s a custom print. It’s quite expensive to bring large HD photos onto a canvas so you can understand why it’s a bit pricey!

I’ll need to figure out why I can’t upload photos because they are a big part of blogging and make all the difference! I’m sure I’ll get it sorted soon so stay tuned!


Trippy Tapestries Are Awesome

In a world of over-priced home decor items and overly fancy artwork, I thinks nice to go back to basics. When you’re buying items like tapestries to place around your home, it’s important not to go overboard. We’ve all been in the situation where we’re on and before we know it were on a spending spree. One of the best ways we can save money is by getting affordable items like wall tapestries and plants. Trippy tapestries and plants are both really simple ways to make you’re living conditions more positive and vibrant. The thing about trippy wall hangings is that they are gorgeous and huge which results in fantastic value. I would recommend going down this route if you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up your house. The bedspread below is a classic example of how stunning the tie dye pattern can look!

trippy tapestry

The psychedelic theme has been around since the hippie era. It is a tried, tested and trusted art style that simply looks awesome. If you use it in combination with other trippy hippie items, you will get a wicked effect. Once you get yourself a trippy tapestry there are a number of ways to apply it across your home. The classic way is just to use it as a wall hanging which is of course very popular because it’s super effective. Another thing you can do is use it as bedding or as a bedspread in your bedroom. This is a great way to get a bohemian style theme going and will really help your bedroom stand out.

One last thing you can (that most don’t think about) is use the tapestry as a picnic blanket. This is perfect for those hot summer days out in the park or at your local beach. If you’re looking for places to find trippy wall tapestries you can check out Amazon (link above) or They have pages dedicated to different types like space tapestries.



Finding Hunting Crossbows in the UK

Although crossbows are definitely acquirable in the UK, there are far more options in the US. This is due to laws, vendors and various other matters. Despite this however, you can quite easily go out there and get yourself a crossbow if you live in Britain. It does require a bit of looking around but you can quite easily find them. Crossbows have been around for thousands of years and were once a key part of hunting and warfare. They feature a bow mounted on a board which allows the user to hold it steady. They have an incredibly powerful bow string which allows the bolts to be fired at a tremendous speed. Crossbows were used as a replacement for the standard bow as technology evolved. Bows required years of training and great physical strength to use whereas a crossbow is a highly accessible deadly weapon.

crossbow britain

Crossbows are now of course surpassed by modern day fire arms but they are still fantastic hunting tools. They allow for very silent hunting which will not scare off game such as deer and ducks. If you are looking to buy one, you can check this page on crossbows for sale UK. There are many different types of crossbows to choose from, some of the popular models being Barnett and Armex. It is entirely up to you which model suits you best and it should depend on your budget and requirements. If you are serious about crossbow hunting you should probably get yourself a more expensive model because these are of higher quality and power. For those looking to just get started all you need is a cheap beginners bow which will give you plenty of enjoyment.

Anyone who is looking for more cool equipment such as hunting knives uk, bows and jackets should check out In the near future they will be stocking a wide collection of hunting tools and gear to fulfil your huntsman needs.